How To Get Found

We lose a bit of ourselves every single day. The moment we wake up, we surrender to the daily grind and the various roles we signed up for. We constantly want things, so we devote our time and energy around dreams, goals, responsibilities. Sometimes there also are labels and titles that we chase after. And in the process of trying to assert and define your place in this world, we somehow get to a point where we lose and forget who we are.

Find yourself.


Write your story. Scratch out the words in the middle of the night and make something concrete out of the emotions rolling around your heart. It’s the ink bleeding out on a fresh sheet of paper, the way the words are lurching and tangling like they can’t help themselves. Let the words stain your fingers as you unravel yourself piece by piece.

Yield to the music. Believe that your favorite songs exist only for you, the soundtrack to your life. Close your eyes, and listen as the lyrics tell you a story. Feel the pulsing sensation and sway with the beat as it vibrates through your bones.

Go on a journey written for your eyes. Run the pages through your fingertips and hear the voice of someone from another time, another place. Fall in love with poetry and see yourself written in other people’s words: in lines written before your time, in tongues not your own, in a perfect stranger’s love letter to his future lover.

Consume art. Contemplate the colors, the lines, and the forms and let their rhythm move you. Feel the visual texture as it comes alive. Revel in the intimacy and complexity of someone brave enough to put herself on the line.

Find your people. The unwavering support of family, the bond of friendship, the vote of confidence from colleagues. Watch yourself be reflected by the ones you love. They will know you even when you can’t seem to know who you are. Hold on to this memory as you go through your day: the way he looked at you across the bed, reaching out to pull you into his arms. You are loved, you are cherished, you are worthy.

And when you’ve done everything you’ve done to find yourself home, spin that plastic globe and pick another destination. Walk through alleys you’ve never been to, touch the crumbling walls, watch little kids bask under the afternoon sun. Stand still and appreciate where you are. Feel the warmth, the chaos, and the energy buzz through your system. Take it wih you, and make it a part of your inner landscape.

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Find yourself, so you know where to go when life has drained you. Know who you are so the world will not insist on defining you. Learn the art of getting lost while learning how to get found.

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