Hi, I’m Meryl and I’m a freelance content creator based in Manila. I graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication and previously worked in the glamorous but gritty world of public relations. Somewhere in between running in high heels, mounting media events, and creating campaign plans, I fell in love with traveling and writing about it.

These days I’ve made the jump from PR to social media and copywriting, keeping busy by weaving worlds out of words for my clients. I occasionally go on solo sojourns, a two in one punch of a holiday and a creative escape. When I’m not working, writing, or wandering, I’m most likely holed up in my room reading a book, catching up on my guilty pleasure of K-dramas, or doing some kitchen experiment.

This is my virtual home, where I hope you find something useful or inspiring as I share my adventures with you – whether it’s developing a better sense of self through writing,  exploring new flavors in the kitchen, or going beyond my comfort zone around the world.

Come take this adventure with me,

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