Hi, I’m Meryl and I’m a millennial taking a temporary break from adulting. I’m a former over-accessorized fashion intern, introverted PR girl, sleep-deprived social media manager-slash-copywriter. Somewhere in between managing expectations and creating content, I fell in love with traveling and writing about it.

These days I’m focusing on creating for myself by weaving worlds out of words. I don’t travel as much as I would like to but when I do, it’s usually a solo sojourn, a two in one punch of a holiday and a creative escape. When I’m not wandering or writing, I’m most likely reading a book, catching up on K-dramas or cooking up something Asian.

This is my virtual home, where I hope you find something useful or inspiring as I share my adventures with you – whether it’s developing a better sense of self through writing, exploring new flavors in the kitchen, or going beyond one’s comfort zone around the world.

Come take this adventure with me,



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