meryl 2019

Hi, I’m Meryl! I’m a former over-accessorized fashion intern and a former introverted PR girl, who is now currently a content manager-slash-copywriter. Somewhere in between managing expectations and creating content, I fell in love with traveling and writing about it.

These days I’m focusing on healing and creating for myself. I don’t travel as much as I would like to but when I do, it’s usually a solo sojourn, a two in one punch of a holiday and a creative escape. When I’m not wandering or writing, I’m most likely reading a book, catching up on K-dramas or cooking up something Asian.

This is my virtual home, where I hope you find something useful or inspiring as I share my adventures with you: whether it’s going beyond one’s comfort zone through traveling, attempting to make sense of my personal life, or learning how to express myself better through writing.

Come take this adventure with me,



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