Money Matters

As I mentioned from my last post, I was hoping to share the other side of being a digital nomad and/or a perpetual traveler. I’ve noticed how most travel bloggers paint a pretty picture, without talking about the other things that happen when you choose this alternative lifestyle. For the first round? Money matters.

Welcome to Reality

Pick up your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed. I bet there’s one travel photo there, an OOTD snapped in front of a gorgeous landscape or some shot of food all laid out on a wooden table. There’s this friend of yours frolicking in Santorini and another surfing the waves in Baler. Everyone seems…

The Sky Over The Sea

When I was younger, my parents enrolled me and my siblings in a famous swimming school. I was an awkward 12 year old, the oldest kid in class going through treading, swimming strokes and basic ledge jumping. The question here is: why am I taking swimming lessons at that age? Most kids spend their toddler…

Travel Guide to Penang

Penang isĀ one of the most exciting destinations I’ve been to, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its food, street art and old world influences. Here are some of my travel tips based on my trip earlier this year:

Follow Your Bliss

I was met with two kinds of reaction when I quit my three and a half year PR career. The first one was enthusiasm. I got this from family and friends, who for so long, had been on the receiving end of my meltdowns and breakdowns. They understood why I wanted to leave, despite moving…

The Perfect Stranger

I have to admit, I didn’t notice you at first. I was just passing time at the hostel lobby, intent on staying aloof. I didn’t see the point of reaching out to anyone when I had six hours left in the country before I flew home. But there you were, sharing the couch with me…

Travel Guide to Hanoi

Going to Hanoi soon? Here’s a starter kit for one of the liveliest cities I’ve been to!

Flirting with Hong Kong

This is the story of how I, a girl who likes to travel, fell in love with a city she never wanted to visit.