Clarity in the Chaos

It’s amazing what a year can do to you. Around this time last year, I traveled to┬áHanoi for my first solo trip. I didn’t know it then but in hindsight I have that trip to thank for for this journey that I am in now.

Not at Home

I haven’t been home. Physically, I am home. I’m in the house I grew up in, in the town where I went to grade school and high school. I spend hours commuting to a job I’ve had for three years, in an office where I’ve seen peers come and go. But it’s like trying to…

Half Hopes, Near Misses and In Betweens

I wonder how it is possible to miss someone you’ve never even met yet. How I can long for this person’s presence without even knowing how it is to spend a day with him. I wonder about many, many things that involve him, like what makes his eyes crinkle into laughter or how he likes…

Piece by Piece

It’s been too long. The pen feels foreign in my right hand. Pages of unlined paper sit blank before me. I don’t know if I still know how to do this. I’m not sure if I can keep this going and be any better than how I used to be. But I’ve got to try.