The Perfect Stranger

I have to admit, I didn’t notice you at first. I was just passing time at the hostel lobby, intent on staying aloof. I didn’t see the point of reaching out to anyone when I had six hours left in the country before I flew home. But there you were, sharing the couch with me…

Solo and Not Sorry: 5 Questions Solo Travelers Hear All The Time

For most people, solo travel is such a foreign concept that they can’t wrap their heads around it. You’ll see it in the way their faces drop to surprise, usually followed by some sort of praise that applauds your bravery or followed by a barrage of questions such as:

Clarity in the Chaos

It’s amazing what a year can do to you. Around this time last year, I traveled to Hanoi for my first solo trip. I didn’t know it then but in hindsight I have that trip to thank for for this journey that I am in now.

On Choosing To Be Alone

I have always felt loneliest in the presence of other people – people I can’t connect with, people I feel unseen by, people who make me feel insincere or uncomfortable. For me, loneliness comes from a sense of missing something. I never miss anything when I’m alone. – Kate Christensen Exactly one month ago, I…