Travel Guide to Chiang Mai

Oh, Chiang Mai. Where do I even begin? I was in the city exactly a month from the time I am writing this. After all the places I’ve been to in the past two months, it’s this city that I miss the most. I miss the sights, the people, the weather and most of all,…

Travel Guide to Yangon

Yangon is the former capital of Myanmar, previously known as Rangoon. It’s a city on the cusp of modern changes, where free wifi and old architecture mix. There’s never been a more exciting time to make your way to Myanmar: it’s accommodating, sometimes frustrating, but there are a lot of authentic moments you won’t get anywhere…

Travel Guide to Penang

Penang is one of the most exciting destinations I’ve been to, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its food, street art and old world influences. Here are some of my travel tips based on my trip earlier this year:

Travel Guide to Hanoi

Going to Hanoi soon? Here’s a starter kit for one of the liveliest cities I’ve been to!

Travel Guide to Bangkok

Whenever people ask me about the best place to go to for a newbie traveler, my standard reply is this: Bangkok. It’s an inexpensive destination, easy to navigate and full of pleasant surprises – just the kind of stuff you need when you’re still dipping your travel toes wet. So I thought it’s best to…